So how does someone end up with one of the world's rarest horses?

Well, our Orlov adventure began with an article I had read in a 1989 Horse Illustrated magazine about the fall of the Soviet regime and it's effect on their finest breed of horse. I remember feeling saddened and helpless that such marvelous horses were starving to death. The previously State run stud farms had no money for feed or staff. Many of the world's finest horses were either starving, or being culled to feed the human population who were also in dire need. I even sent a letter to the center of horse breeding in Russia, VIINK, offering what little we could. Of course my letter was in English, and probably couldn't be read! But the article, and the Orlovs, stuck with me.

black_river_orlovs_2013006005.jpg black_river_orlovs_2013006002.jpg black_river_orlovs_2013006004.jpg black_river_orlovs_2013006003.jpg black_river_orlovs_2013006001.jpg